The Doctors and the Very Tender Man   ▫   The Collagist

Lilies, Prince with Torn Hem, Of the Angels   ▫   Lac!/Lake

A Path Through Wings and Spine   ▫   The Pinch

Lost Within A Dark   ▫   Artifice

A Step From Sand   ▫   Redivider

An Apartment of Women   ▫   PANK

Out the Light   ▫   Circus Book

Water and Other Remedies   ▫   Corium

Boy & She   ▫   Mud Luscious Press, also available at Powell’s

Of Which There Wasn’t   ▫   Alice Blue Review

The Ways They Let Themselves Be Fooled   ▫   kill author

Smith and Nelson   ▫   Birkensnake

A Way No Longer Had   ▫   Action, Yes

Stories   ▫   Anemone Sidecar

Travelers   ▫   Unsaid

Cilice   ▫   Caketrain

Morning   ▫   elimae


An Apartment of Women was nominated by PANK for the 2013 Million Writers Award

Water and Other Remedies was nominated by Corium Magazine for Sundress Publications’s 2011 Best of the Net Anthology

A Way No Longer Had was included in The Wigleaf Top 50 Very Short Fictions of 2011

The Ways They Let Themselves Be Fooled was chosen as a Verse Daily Web Weekly Feature

Of Which There Wasn’t was featured by FictionDaily as a daily short story selection